How we work

No matter what stage you’re at, Blair Ward Construction can help. Some clients approach us with a first concept, others have nothing more than an idea of how they’d like to live. We can help develop a design for your project or partner with your chosen designer to give you the knowledge you need to confidently make a decision.

Step 1 - Initial Contact

After your initial contact, we will get in touch with you to have a good talk about your project and send you through a questionnaire to further understand your needs.

After that, we will find a time that suits everyone to meet you in person at  site.

Step 2 - First Meeting

Blair will meet with you in person and listen to your ideas and wish list. He will advise you on the best way to go about your project and give you suggestions on how to work with your architect.

During the consultation, we’ll be running through the following:

1. What is your vision for your build
2. Timeframes. When to start. How long it will take. Any possible holdups and how wecan avoid them.
3. Council. What consents you’ll need. How we can help you get them and how theprocess will work.
4. Pricing. What sort of costs you can expect and what type of contract will best suityou and your project.
5. Project management of your job and who does that.

Step 3 - Planning and Pricing

Once your plans are drawn, Blair Ward Construction will then undertake thorough pricing of your project. Our pricing is transparent and we will offer you ways to reduce costs if required.

Step 4 - Contract Signing

Once you have given the green light to the costs, we'll put together a contract for you to sign. At that time, your plans will be with the council, waiting for their thumbs up.

Step 5 - Construction Phase

Once consent has been granted we can start construction. We will hold weekly meetings with you onsite to talk about progress and any clarifications you may need.

Step 6 - Final Handover

Once Blair has done his final walk through and is happy we will hand you over the keys for you to move in and enjoy!
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Why choose us?

Personalised service

A personalised service tailored to your project needs is important because no project is the same, and no two clients are the same. We believe understanding your unique requirements through great planning and communication is key to a successful project delivery.

skilled advice

We’ll work closely with you through all the stages of your build. During the design phase, we’ll figure out how to best use your budget to create your dream home. We’ll utilise our quantity surveyor to provide clarity on costs and the budget.


We are a small team of hand picked experienced, skilled craftsmen who are focused on exceptional quality and value with our all important Blair Ward Construction Quality Seal of Approval.

Commitment to your job

We don’t overcommit. We limit the number of jobs we accept so we can always be available when you need us. We keep our sites clean and tidy so they’re safe for you to visit, and it’s how we hand over your new home too – washed, spick and span.

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Our Expertise

Project management

Blair is passionate about building and is personally involved in all projects to ensure that the company’s clients receive only the highest quality work.

Accurate costs

We utilise our quantity surveyor for all our builds giving your accurate costings so your don't have to compromise halfway through your build. Our aim is  for you to enjoy the process from start to finish.


Blair has handpicked his team of professional builders, choosing them for their workmanship and commitment to quality. This good team workmanship extends beyond our valued employees to the loyalty, efficiency and excellence of our preferred sub-trades and suppliers.

about being a master Builder

Blair Ward Construction can offer you the peace of mind due to being able to offer the 10 year Master Builder Guarantee.

The company has been a member of the Registered Master Builders Federation since 2015.

The Federation represents New Zealand’s premier building and construction companies – those who have been proven to deliver the highest quality houses and buildings.

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