Why choose us?

Personalised service

A personalised service tailored to your project needs is important because no project is the same, and no two clients are the same. We believe understanding your unique requirements through great planning and communication is key to a successful project delivery.

skilled advice

We’ll work closely with you through all the stages of your build. During the design phase, we’ll figure out how to best use your budget to create your dream home. We’ll utilise our quantity surveyor to provide clarity on costs and the budget.


We are a small team of hand picked experienced, skilled craftsmen who are focused on exceptional quality and value with our all important Blair Ward Construction Quality Seal of Approval.

Commitment to your job

We don’t overcommit. We limit the number of jobs we accept so we can always be available when you need us. We keep our sites clean and tidy so they’re safe for you to visit, and it’s how we hand over your new home too – washed, spick and span.

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