Clifton 1


Perched on Clifton Hill, this architectural gem embodies a fusion of modern innovation and timeless allure. The house, a paragon of sustainable design, boasts a roof adorned with dark tray roofing and solar panels that epitomize its eco-conscious ethos. Vertical western red cedar cladding gracefully wraps the exterior, harmonizing the structure with the surrounding landscape. A departure from convention, the ground floor features unconventional rustic-style bricks that exude distinct character. Notably, the residence features imposing north-facing gable forms that enhance its visual appeal and optimize natural light intake. Seamlessly merging with its environment, the house features an expansive deck enveloping the western, northern, and eastern elevations, offering panoramic views. The residence connects harmoniously to its surroundings, creating a serene transition between indoors and outdoors. Inside, the avant-garde design continues with polished concrete floors complete with under-slab heating, striking a balance between modern aesthetics and comfort. This house stands not merely as a new construction, but as a visionary testament to the future of sustainable and captivating living.