Richmond Hill 1

Poised majestically atop Richmond Hill, our artfully constructed abode stands as a tribute to contemporary architectural excellence. A fusion of nature and design, the edifice boasts a dynamic interplay of textures – the upper level adorned in western red cedar, punctuated by recessed windows that lend a sense of depth, while the lower level exudes a refined charm with shadow cladding and cedar battens. This meticulously chosen exterior palette harmonizes effortlessly with the natural environs, creating an aesthetic symphony. Commanding an awe-inspiring panorama that embraces the coastal allure of Sumner and stretches towards the grandeur of the Kaikora ranges, the residence offers an unparalleled viewpoint. An exemplar of environmental responsibility, the dwelling is embellished with solar panels and exemplifies passive house techniques, uniting lavish living with a commitment to sustainability. Beyond its threshold, an expanse of verdant lawn unfolds on the western side, inviting al fresco gatherings and leisurely pursuits. Simultaneously, a capacious deck and courtyard grace the southern aspect, expertly designed to provide refuge from the prevailing easterly winds, fashioning a tranquil sanctuary for repose and contemplation.