Richmond Hill 2

Artfully carved into the mid slopes of Richmond Hill, this extraordinary dwelling unveils an entirely fresh perspective. Its exterior is adorned with the inviting hues of western red cedar, while the timeless charm of garapa hardwood and the rustic beauty of macrocarpa wood have been used to grace the outer surfaces. Hardie's easy lap cladding further enhances the lower southern elevation and garage. Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to sustainability, the garage roof is crowned with solar panels, harnessing the sun's energy.

Inside, meticulous stonework and internal Venetian plaster elevate the aesthetic, seamlessly blending the rugged textures of nature with modern design. Positioned to command awe-inspiring views, the residence gazes unobstructed over the expanse of the Pacific Ocean. Thoughtfully integrated into the design is a covered spa area, offering a haven for relaxation amid all weather conditions.

The interior exudes an air of sophistication, with radiators providing warmth and the intricate use of exotic timbers like Rimu, American White Oak, and Jarrah, each contributing their unique allure. Boasting three bedrooms, a wine cellar, two bathrooms, and a separate toilet, the layout caters effortlessly to comfort and practicality. Meanwhile, the expansive four-car garage provides ample space for vehicles and more. As it gracefully integrates into the mid slopes of Richmond Hill, this residence harmonizes luxurious coastal living with a striking architectural presence.